Equilibrium Pilates




Class Block Booking

To Secure and guarantee your mat each week

One class per week x 6 consecutive weeks : £45 (equivalent £7.50 per class)

Two classes per week x 6 consecutive weeks : £84 (equivalent £7.00 per class)

Class Drop-in 

£8.00 per single session 

Private Pilates 

One-to-one (1 hour) £40

Two-to-one (1 hour) £45

*Please note additional milage costs may be added

Private Group / Retreats & Events 

Please get in touch to discuss your need​s 

Terms and Conditions 

Block Booking

• All blocks must be paid for in full, in advance and are relevant to a specific day and time of class.

• No refunds or discounts are given if you are unable to attend individual sessions.

• All courses are non-refundable once your block has commenced.

• Payment may be in cash, cheque or bank transfer.

• If the instructor is unable to make a class​ with less than 48 hours of notice, you will have the option to roll the class on to the following week, or to be refunded the equivalent cost.

• Participants will be informed of any holidays/ weeks/ days off as soon as possible and classes will roll on to the following week.

Catch Up Sessions

• Individual sessions missed by class participants may be taken in the form of Catch Up Classes subject to availability. Catch up classes are only available to clients who have blocked booked. Catch Up Classes are spaces in other timetabled classes, often at different times and days.

• A minimum of 48 HOURS NOTICE of your non-attendance is required to qualify for a Catch Up class.

• All Catch Up sessions MUST be taken within your individual block time band and may not be carried over.

• Catch Up sessions are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

Drop-In Sessions

• All drop-in sessions are subject to availability. 

Private Pilates, Classes, Events & Retreats

• Please see the contact page for details to get in touch. 

• Cancellation/Rescheduling: To cancel or reschedule a session, the customer must email, telephone (leaving a voicemail if necessary), or text message. Please do not contact us to cancel or rearrange a appointment via any forms of social media. 

• Adequate notice for cancellations: This must be received at least 48 hours before the session was due to take place.
Instructor cancellation: Sessions cancelled/rescheduled by the Instructor will be re-arranged at a time mutual to both parties. We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible in the event this occurs.

• Timing:  Please consider any questions queries that you may have prior to your session. If you need to discuss any issues with the instructor please be aware this may have to be included in your allowed session time and not in addition to. 


• Discretion is held to waive any, or all of the above stipulations in exceptional circumstances